Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Happy fall everyone! 

Things here in Moose Jaw are going really good. This week we were able to start teaching a Filipino family! The mom and the kids are all members but the dad is not, so we got to teach him this week and we had such a good lesson with them! The guys name is Brother Batang and he is really prepared. I think he will be baptized next transfer so that is really exciting! 

This week we got to go down to Weyburn . . . twice. We went there on Wednesday for an exchange. The exchange went well, we had a good time and we were able to do some good missionary work there. But then yesterday we had to drive back down there. They were having some problems so we went and worked it out and then drove back yesterday. It was a long trip but we survived. 

On Friday we had a great day. We did service in the morning and afternoon and then that night we had a ward activity. We had a bonfire and we invited a whole bunch of people and 3 of the non members we invited showed up so that was great! Two of them are captains for the salvation army church, they are great people but they came out and I think they had a good time. Also a lady named Bonnie that we did some service for a while back came. It was great to have them there. All in all it was really a good week! For some reason this week seemed to go faster than other weeks, but we sure got a lot accomplished and it was good. :)

It is kind of interesting things in our mission are starting to change. President Craig is starting to change things quite a bit and move the direction of the mission. We have had a few MLCS this transfer which have all been really good. We have come up with a new plan to help increase the baptisms in our mission and I am so excited for it! I love the changes he is making I think it will really improve the mission! 

Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Endure to the End

Hey everyone! 

This week was pretty good! We have had a major focus this week on finding new people and trying to increase our teaching pool. We created this big list a few weeks ago of less actives and part member families and this week we went through and made a ton of progress on the list which was great. We found some new people from it and had some great lessons. 

We had a really good experience this week. We were walking back to our car, we parked a long ways away, and walked to the church and while we were walking back Elder Baumann and I were talking and we were trying to figure out how we were going to find a new investigator. We just kept talking and thinking and we were a little worried cause we were running out of options and things to do. Then we got to this stop light and I looked across the street and saw this guys smoking on his porch. I told Elder Baumann we should go talk to him. As we got closer I realized that this guy looked pretty rough and I figured he was just going to give us a hard time and then tell us to leave. So anyway I walked up his steps and started talking to him and he just opened right up to us and started talking about his family and about what happens after we die and he had tons of questions. Anyways we started to teach and testify to him and he ended up becoming a new investigator. He was so prepared for the gospel, and God led us right to him. This work is so amazing, just when you start to get down and things start to get hard, the Lord lifts us up and helps us to keep going. 

It's the exact same with life. I was reading a general conference talk this morning. It was called Stay By The Tree, by Elder Kevin W. Pearson. It's a great talk. He talks about enduring to the end and how we need to keep drawing closer to Jesus Christ and how we need to strengthen our commitment to live and keep our covenants. He talks about trials and how they can cause us to fall away and stop enduring, but when we turn to Christ and we ask for his help He will lift us up and help us endure! 
Just remember that living the gospel and being a member of the church isn't just a once a week kind of thing. We need to constantly be thinking of Jesus Christ, and the covenants that we have made and we need to do our best to keep them! 

I really do love this gospel so much and I do know that it's true. It is not easy to be a member of the church, but it is worth it.  It is not easy to share the gospel but it is worth it!!!  

I hope everyone has a great week, remember to be the best person you can be! 

Love you all! 

PS: If you are interested, Alyssa is helping me to do a project with some Books of Mormon. We are gathering everyone's testimony of the Book of Mormon and were going to write them down and glue them into the backs of the books so that when I give them away people have a testimony that they can read and relate to. If you are interested, you can write your testimony down and send it to Alyssa and she will print them all out and send them to me to stick in the Books of Mormon! I know this is a great project and it will really help people relate and see how the Book of Mormon can help them and bless their lives! (here is Alyssa's email: alyssahuffman22@gmail.com)

Love Elder Farnsworth

Me and Elder Baumann

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Be a Disciple

Hey everyone! how was your week? 

First off thanks for all the happy birthday emails and messages that you sent, it was a pretty good birthday! 

This week has really been such a great week! It started on Tuesday. We had an MLC where we talked a lot about the mission and some of the struggles and problems that we have been having. It was such a good meeting. We talked a whole bunch about faith and also about having a good attitude and following the Lord's plan. Our mission actually got assigned by the Quorum of the Seventy to come up with a plan on how to increase baptisms. We created a plan on how our mission was going to move forward and get more baptisms. It was a great experience. It was like a big ward council. It worked out so well and I felt the spirit so strong as we all counseled together to move the mission forward. It was a great experience! 

This week we also had a general authority visit the mission. Elder Dale G. Renlund and his wife Ruth. It was great to have them here and to learn from them. They are both such amazing people and they a real spirit about them. It really strengthened my testimony of the leadership of the church. I know that God calls his leaders to guide his church and they will not lead us a stray. 

So to share a few things that I learned and a few things that they shared. They talked about the sacrament and they said each and every Sunday we need to have a spiritual experience with the sacrament. If we do we will never go less active and we will always have a desire to be at church. It is so true, Do not take the sacrament for granted. It is an amazing blessing and each Sunday we need to feel the spirit as we partake. 

They also talked about becoming a disciple of the Lord. They talked about how we need to decide right now if we will follow the Lord and be his true disciple. If we choose to be his disciple it will guide all of our other decisions. Disciples of the lord do not do the things of the world. I loved that so much! It is a decision that we need to make and then act on! 

It was a great week in the mission this week! I hope you are all doing well back home. I love you all! 
Have a great week!

Love Elder Farnsworth

Elder Brown

Elder Brown (his dad) and Elder Grant (his brother).  I am sure all you missionaries know what that means.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Moose Jaw

Hello this week! How is everyone? 

So this week we had transfers. Can I just say that transfers are always so crazy! On Thursday morning I drove down to Winnipeg with another missionary named Elder Moore. We got there and we got to sit in on the meeting for all the trainees.  After that the trainees got introduced to their new companions and everyone talks for a bit and eats pizza, and then the craziness begins! So since some of the missionaries are going west, we have to stay the night in Winnipeg.  We have to figure out billets and we have to move all our luggage around and make sure everything goes smoothly.  It is quite a process. Anyway Friday morning we met at one the churches, we loaded the cars in the transfer train and we started the 6 hour drive west to Regina. So the big news is I had to drive the transfer train. I drove this HUGE 15 passenger van WITH a trailer on it and I didn't even crash :) haha! The funny part of it too was that I had 5 sister missionaries in this bus and 2 elders so it was pretty interesting. I have to admit I was pretty nervous but I did it so I was pretty excited about that! It was a long drive though and every time the wind blew I felt it haha! 

Anyway I did make it to my new area. I really love it here! Moose Jaw has about 40,000 people in it, so its pretty big. There are a ton of stores and restaurants here, so it is way different than Dauphin. There is also traffic here. I haven't had to deal with that for awhile either. I am so excited to be here though, there is so much potential in this area. The ward is really pretty good size, not huge but the members are great. They have all been really nice and it just seems like this is going to be a great place! 

I also really like my new companion. His name is Elder Baumann. He is from Austria. He is a great guy! He has a pretty thick accent, but he is super humble and just wants to go out and work. 
I feel so blessed! I am so lucky to be in a great area with a great companion. It is going to be a great transfer! 

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

Leaving Dauphin

 Good bye Bro. and Sis. Monson