Monday, February 22, 2016

Arrived in Flin Flon

Hello from the great white north :)

I finally made it to Flin Flon.  It’s such a good place, its completely different than any of my other areas.  It’s almost a culture shock but its great!  It’s so crazy the way the people live up here.  There are tons of drugs and alcohol up here.  There’s lots of natives too.  The people are all really nice though and super receptive.  They all want to change their lives and do better in one way or another.  It’s amazing how much we teach and how much work is going on here.  I love it!  Just in the 4 days that I have been here we have taught a ton of lessons and we have been able to set a few dates for baptism as well.  

It’s going to be a great area.  It’s kind of crazy, there are 4 missionaries here and we all live together in a little two bedroom apartment.  We share our car, our food, and even the people were teaching.  Talk about sharing.  It’s been good though, I really like all of the missionaries so far and we all get along really well!  The three of them are all pretty new.  My comp has been out just over 7 months, the other one is at 6 months, and then the other is at 2 months so they are all really new but good missionaries. 

On Thursday we drove forever to get here.  I drove from Fort Frances to Winnipeg which is 4 hours than 20 minutes later got in the car and drove to Flin Flon for like 8 hours.  It was a long day haha! 

The church here is really good though.  There’s a lot of good members and quite a few little kids as well.  I love the change.  I loved Fort Frances, but it was time for a change.  Other than that I don’t have too much else to say.  I hope you all have a great week.

Love you all! 

Elder Farnsworth

Fort Frances District

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President Tovey from Fort Frances

 Sister Pigeon from Fort Frances

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Transferring to Flin Flon

Well hello everyone, how was your week? 

This week was really good for us, we had our ZTM this week which went really well. We had training on how to work with members, and how to get people to church. We are also implementing this new thing in our mission for member missionary home teaching. It’s going to be a really good program. I am excited for it to take off! Other than that, ZTM went great. It was so good to have our whole zone together and to be able to learn from one another. I really do love zone meetings. You can learn so much!

The big news of this week is that I am getting transferred..... Flin Flon here I come! I will be getting moved to Flin Flon Manitoba. It's WAY up north. Like 9 hours north of Winnipeg. It’s the second farthest north you can get in our mission. I am so excited, I have been there once before on an exchange and it was a fun place. It is way different than other places in the mission and it’s going to be pretty darn cold, but it’s going to be so fun! There will be me and my comp and also two other elders up there so it will be an adventure. It’s like native town up there so I will have lots of stories to tell! My comps name is Elder Morrill and he is actually from Riverton, Utah. I don’t know him but I think he is a year younger than I am so it should be great!

I will be sad to leave Fort Frances but I am seriously so excited to go to Flin Flon. It’s going to be the best! I won’t be a zone leader anymore either so that will be kind of nice to not have as much responsibility and to really just focus on the work and the people these next 4 and a half months!!!

Well  I hope you all have a great week. Love you all!!! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Caught Speeding Again!

Hey everyone! How was your week? 

This week was great, it started off pretty interesting but it has been good week! I am exhausted this week, We had two exchanges and we did a big ole event at the church. Plus our regular stuff in our area. It is amazing how a person can be so tired and what not but how when you pray for strength and energy - God will give it to you! 

So I will start off and tell you about Monday. So we had to go to Warroad to meet the assistants half way because we were exchanging with them. We were on our way, but Elder Coleman and I were running late, so I thought I would be fine and I would just go a little faster and we would get there in time. Well we were going pretty good and then of course wouldn't you know it a cop just comes out of no where. So I got pulled over. I was going 30 over and so he gave me a ticket. The worst part was he came up to the car and I was searching for the registration and insurance and of course...there is no insurance card in the car. Then he tells me that our registration is expired too. You all would be so proud of me, I didn't even get worried or anything, I just kept my cool and we had a good talk with the officer. He talked to the mission office peeps and it all worked out. I did get three tickets though -- one for speeding, one for no insurance card, and one for expired registration, so that stunk! But the good news is that two of them were not my fault so that was ok. The worst news of all is we were 40 minutes late haha! 

Exchanges were good though. I went to Winnipeg with Elder Joncas and we had a good time. We taught quite a few people and got quite a bit of work done there so that was great! It is really weird being in a city compared to a little town. There were people everywhere to talk to and a lot of them had never even seen missionaries before. It was kind of fun to be in the big city for a day. 

On Wednesday night to Thursday night we had exchanges with the I-Falls elders. That was a good exchange as well. I was with Elder Ferbey in the Falls and we had a great time and did some good work there as well. I think the worst part of exchanges is not sleeping in your own bed. It tires you out haha! 

This weekend was great. We had our Meet the Mormons night were we watched the video and things at the church. Sadly we had a terrible turn out. There were 8 members there and only two nonmembers,  but I think that everyone really enjoyed the show and the nonmembers said that it was really good and informative so at least it wasn't all for nothing. 

Sunday was great! Sean and Tiffany came to church and they had their kids. Sean bore his testimony again and the two kids even bore their testimonies. It was so good to see and hear them! We were also able to teach quite a bit on Sunday and had some success so that was great! 

Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Farnsworth

Monday, February 1, 2016

Visit to Atikokan

Hey everyone, how was your week?

This week was pretty good. On Saturday we were able to go out to Atikokan and we spent the night there with some members and then we got to speak in their Sacrament Meeting. It was probably the highlight of my week. Atikokan has quite a history behind it. They haven't had missionaries there for a really long time and the past little while we have been able to go more and more. We are hoping to start going there once a week and get some missionary work started there. We stayed with members named the Fisks down there. They are both in their 80's but they are such good people!!! We stayed in their basement and it was like a little bed and breakfast. It was a fun time! Sacrament Meeting was great, there were 12 of us there and we had a good time talking and getting to know everyone. It was such a good experience. It's so humbling to see such a small group of members that are old and work hard but they still keep the Church strong and going. 

We also got to teach Sean and Tiffany this week, we had a great discussion with them and hopefully this week we can get them to make the commitment to get married. Pray for us and them haha. It will be a hard one but I know that it will all work out! 

Well that's about all for this week. Sorry its short, but I hope you all have a great week. Love you all! 

Elder Farnsworth

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