Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Happy fall everyone! 

Things here in Moose Jaw are going really good. This week we were able to start teaching a Filipino family! The mom and the kids are all members but the dad is not, so we got to teach him this week and we had such a good lesson with them! The guys name is Brother Batang and he is really prepared. I think he will be baptized next transfer so that is really exciting! 

This week we got to go down to Weyburn . . . twice. We went there on Wednesday for an exchange. The exchange went well, we had a good time and we were able to do some good missionary work there. But then yesterday we had to drive back down there. They were having some problems so we went and worked it out and then drove back yesterday. It was a long trip but we survived. 

On Friday we had a great day. We did service in the morning and afternoon and then that night we had a ward activity. We had a bonfire and we invited a whole bunch of people and 3 of the non members we invited showed up so that was great! Two of them are captains for the salvation army church, they are great people but they came out and I think they had a good time. Also a lady named Bonnie that we did some service for a while back came. It was great to have them there. All in all it was really a good week! For some reason this week seemed to go faster than other weeks, but we sure got a lot accomplished and it was good. :)

It is kind of interesting things in our mission are starting to change. President Craig is starting to change things quite a bit and move the direction of the mission. We have had a few MLCS this transfer which have all been really good. We have come up with a new plan to help increase the baptisms in our mission and I am so excited for it! I love the changes he is making I think it will really improve the mission! 

Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

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