Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Devotional

What a week!!!! 

This week was kinda crazy! The first little bit was just like a normal week. We had P-day then district meeting and all that good stuff, but then the end of the week we had the Christmas devotional broadcast. Elder Ringger and I for the past two weeks have been putting together this big event for the Church's Christmas devotional broadcast. We made invitations and posters and put them up all over town and handed out tons of invitations. We made this huge display for the Christmas initiative. We were coordinating everything with the members for this thing to work. It was a ton of work. It was really just me and Elder Ringger with really no party planning experience and somehow we made this thing work haha! I now understand why we have relief society presidents, and other people in wards with callings with regards to planning events and things.  Planning takes a lot of work haha! 

So anyway Sunday rolls around and we had a great church meeting. There were 15 people there, and NO visitors. That's a record haha! We had testimony meeting and it was a little interesting but the spirit was so strong, it really was such a good meeting. After church we went over to the United Church and volunteered at an event they were doing and then we came back to our church to finish setting up for the devotional. It was crazy. We set up everything for the broadcast and it was all working great and then like 5 minutes before it started the broadcast just stopped working. It was like pausing on the computer. So anyway we both panicked haha and we switched everything over to the satellite super quick and we were praying like crazy that it was all going to work out -- and it did! I was pretty stressed haha but it turned out great. We had 30 people attend and 10 of them were non members. One was a family of 3 that we are hopefully going to start teaching. It really just goes to show that if you put work into something and try your hardest, God is going to be there to help you and it will all work out! 

Well I hope everyone has a great week! thanks for all your love and support. Love you all! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

The results of hard work putting together the Christmas Devotional presentation.

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