Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Senior Couple Arrives

Hey this week! How was everyone's Thanksgiving? 

Our week was really good... we even got Thanksgiving dinner. On Thursday we went over to some members house is the Falls and had Thanksgiving with them. It was really nice of them, but holy cow it was a pretty sketchy dinner haha. The house was real nasty and there was some weird things going on with the food, but we ate any way and we didn't get sick. The blessing of the food was answered haha! It was really nice of them to invite us over though so we appreciated that! 

This week we had the senior couple come. They are the BEST! Their names are Elder and Sister Walton, and they are from Lethbridge Alberta. They are in their mid 60's so their even pretty young. They are really great though, they are going to be a huge strength to this area. We had a board game club this week on Friday and 8 people showed up!!!! We were so excited, usually there is only three of us there so this was pretty good haha! On Sunday we also had a training on a new program were doing called the rescue initiative and it went really well. We even had 15 people at sacrament meeting. I repeat 15 it was great!!!! I think this transfer will be a good one. We have the Christmas devotional broadcast this week and were starting a new Christmas initiative also so things are really looking up! 

I love being a missionary, its such a blessing to take part in the Lords work full time, sometimes its exhausting and sometimes I don't want to go on, but I know the Lord is helping us. He is guiding us, and he is really hastening his work! This is the most important work in the world today. During the Christmas season its so easy to talk about Christ and about church. I would invite all of you to take advantage of this time of year and share the gospel. I can't even explain the feelings that you will have and the blessings that will come. 

I love you all!!! Have a great week! 

Love Elder Farnsworth
Happy Thanksgiving

 District saying good-bye to Elder Elwood who was transferred.
"Missionaries are weird." according to Eli.

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