Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Garage Sale

Hello everyone, 

This week we did a ton of service. One of the members here in our branch actually lost their son in a car accident like 3 years ago.  He was only 7 and his friend Gracie died like a year after him.  Anyways they hold this huge garage sale in honor of them and donate all of the money made to charities and things within the community. This garage sale is HUGE.  They have a huge hockey arena just filled with stuff, so we got to help with going through all the donations and sorting them and putting them on tables.  Then on Saturday we would help people out to their cars and things with all their boxes. What a job haha.  We did this for like 4 days and we were exhausted!!! It was such a great experience though. We were around tons of the church members and we got to see and talk to and get to know so many people within the community.  It was a great opportunity for us!!! 

I love these small towns and branches. They all support one another and get involved with such great causes.  The best part too... we might even make the news paper haha! We got interviewed and got our pictures taken so that would be huge here if the missionaries made the paper.  Hopefully it happens! 

Other than that this week was just kind of normal we had an exchange on Tuesday so that was good.  Church on Sunday was great too.  This branch here has some of the greatest members.  I love serving here in Selkirk.  It is amazing how each area on your mission has an impact on you.  I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to serve and have all these great experiences.  What a blessing! 

Well I hope you all have a great week.

Love you all!!!

Elder Farnsworth

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