Monday, October 6, 2014

Getting Cold

Well hello everyone! How's everyone doing?

Things here in Canada are good, its starting to get really cold here!!! I had to buy my coat this week and we received our first little bit of snow! SNOW in the first week of October.... I think winter is going to be rough. Apparently it gets to be like -40 here and with the wind chill its supposed to be like -60, so that will be interesting!

This week was pretty good, we taught Elizabeth this week and like always the lesson was really really good! We taught her the word of wisdom and about Prophets. She was really receptive and even came to the first session of General Conference. It was great! We also moved a couple this week and they said we could come over and teach them, so our teaching pool is slowly getting bigger!

Conference this weekend was so good!!! I loved it! There were so many talks that I loved! It was kind of funny because all of the talks were directed toward people that Elder Brown and I were teaching. They would have been perfect, and answered so many questions.... it was super disappointing though because only Elizabeth came. I swear missionary work can be so frustrating sometimes. I wish sometimes that we could just force people to feel the spirit, because if they did they would know that its all true! I hope that kind of makes sense haha!

Other than that we just did our normal things this week. We dealt with even more drama! Its funny how much drama can be in one little branch! I think all of this drama is gonna make me insane! I have definitely learned a lot from dealing with all of the chaos though. Its amazing how much Heavenly Father loves us. He wants each of us to learn and grow. He gives us all so many challenges and trials, but they are all to make us stronger!

I'm so grateful for the gospel, without it I would be lost. It gives people the chance to change and become better! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Love Elder Farnsworth

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