Monday, October 27, 2014

Zone Conference

Hi everyone!!! 

This has been one of the best weeks yet!!!!!! Elder Brown and I saw so many miracles this week, it was amazing!!!!

On Tuesday we had a zone conference, it was so good. We had one of the area seventies come and tour our mission, his name was Elder Malm. He is from Sweden, he is such a good speaker!!!! Everything he talked about was exactly what we needed to hear! He talked about how we need to change, how we need to become better and become more like Christ. He talked about how we need to expect miracles. He also talked about how we can move our mission into the next phase. Right now our mission does have baptisms and things, but he talked about how we could take it to the next level. It was soooo good!!!! He talked about how we need to be bold and ask more people to be baptized. He also talked about how to find more people to teach! It was such a good meeting. Me and Elder Brown were so tired after the meeting because it was so spiritual that it was exhausting haha!!! 

On Thursday we had a really good day too, we got to meet with Elizabeth again which was great!!!! we thought she had dropped off the face of the earth, but we were able to teach her again. The lesson was really good. We asked her to be baptized and she said that she probably would, but right now she is nervous about her family. So we are working on that. We also need her to come to church, but she is always busy. Hopefully she can come this week!

Now for the biggest miracle of all!!!! So Elder Brown and I were able to teach James on Thursday too. Going into the lesson we were super nervous. We were teaching him the law of chastity, and he is living with his girlfriend. We were nervous because the week before he told us that they weren't going to get married for awhile and that they were just going to live together. So going into the lesson we thought it was kind of do or die. Well the very first thing that he started to talk about when we started the lesson was how he and his girlfriend broke up and how he wasn't living with her anymore!!!!! It was such a relief. So we taught him almost all of the commandments and he loved them, he told us he would live them. Then on Saturday we were able to meet with him again, and we went over the rest of the commandments, and the baptismal interview questions. So now we are having a baptism this Saturday!!!! I am so excited, we both weren't sure if he would get baptized or not, but the Lord wants him to, and the Lord prepared him!!!!!

Sunday was also a really good day. It was our branch president's son's farewell. He is going to the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania mission. He leaves tomorrow for the MTC. He and Elder Brown both talked and it was a really really good sacrament meeting. There were tons of non members there and it was just another miracle!!!!

Also crazy story this week, we went to the Melfort museum, and we were working in the saw mill and we were cutting these huge logs. Well one of the guys that was working the saw almost got his hand chopped off!!! It was crazy. He went to grab this piece of wood that was by the saw, and the saw was still moving. Well anyways the wood got caught on the saw and totally flung around and smashed his wrist and threw his hand into the saw. His hand got pretty cut up and he broke his thumb and has to have surgery. It was crazy. I thought he lost his hand for a minute there!!!!
I'm so thankful for all of your prayers and support. I can feel them everyday!!!! I love being on a mission. I have seen so many miracles and it just keeps strengthening my testimony! I know this work is lead by God, he helps us everyday. I know this church is true and I'm so thankful for the blessings that I have received because of it!!!!! Love you all! Have a great week!

Love Elder Farnsworth

Zone Conference

Service at the Library

Ward Halloween party

 Logan's Farewell

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