Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I had a pretty good week this week, we actually saw quite a bit of success! We had a lesson with Elizabeth, and then she actually ended up coming to church on Sunday! I was so happy. Then we were able to meet with Candace again this week. She actually text us this time! So we went over and had a good lesson with her! She is pretty hard to teach though because she agrees with everything, but at the same time she won't act. So its like she knows what she needs to do and she wants to do it, but she just won't act. It gets pretty frustrating but hopefully as we keep working with her things will get better! This week we also met with our other investigator Corey! This was another miracle... a couple of weeks ago Corey actually got thrown in jail, and we thought he wasn't going to get out for like 9 months, but i guess they put him out on probation, and now he has all these rules he has to follow! We went over and talked with him and he said he is super ready for change. He said he wants to start a new life! So we will be working with  him and hopefully he will start progressing. One of the hardest things of serving in Canada is teaching the native population. Both Candace and Corey are natives, and the natives here for the most part have no sense of time or commitment. If you set a time up they will agree to it, but then you go try to visit and they aren't there! It gets frustrating, but we keep working on it and we are seeing success so that is good!

So I'm sure your all wondering about the weather about here... its not snowing anymore :( it snows on and off but nothing is really sticking... instead its just freezing cold! This morning it was -14 Celsius, so i think that's like 4 degrees Fahrenheit or something, so it is definitely starting to get cold! We went and washed our truck this morning and by the time we drove 5 minutes to the library the whole thing was frozen! haha It might be a long winter!!!!

We did get transfer call this week, I will be staying in Melfort, and Elder Brown is being transferred to Fort Francis Ontario. He will be a zone leader there. My new companion's name is Elder Scholars. From what I know he is a pretty good guy. He has been out for like 19 or 20 months, so he has a lot of experience too. Hopefully I will learn a lot from him! It will be interesting because this transfer is only 5 weeks instead of 6 and the transfer ends right before Christmas, so I think I will be moving right before Christmas, but we will see what happens!

I hope everyone is having a great time back at home, I can't believe its already the holiday season, hopefully you all have a great time celebrating haha! Lately I have been reading a lot in Mosiah, its such a good book. I have learned so much from it. I'm so grateful for the book of Mormon. I know that book is true! I love you all I hope you have a good week!

Love Elder Farnsworth

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