Monday, April 20, 2015

Hunting Squirrels

Well hello this week! 

This has been a pretty good week for us here in Dauphin. We had a really good week as far as teaching this week, we were able to get in touch with quite a few of our investigators and we had some good lessons with them this week. We also were able to teach a couple of less actives this week and we got one to church and we almost got another less active to church but sadly she didn't show up. This branch is an interesting branch, a lot of the members here have been offended by other members and that's why a lot of them are less active. There is also some members here that are really good people but they are also threatening not to come to church because of some other members..... DRAMA! It makes me so sad because we all know what is right and we all know we need to go to church.... don't let other people cause a road block for you to come to church, its not worth it! So this week we have been helping and serving a lot of the members and trying to keep everyone happy and keep the branch here strong. 

There was a couple funny stories this week.... So being here in Dauphin we don't really have p-day activity cause were so far from other missionaries, so last p-day we hunted this ground squirrel outside the church for p-day activity. We filled in all his holes and then Elder Hanson caught him and the dang squirrel bit him hahaha! It was pretty funny, so we ended up setting a trap and killed the squirrel and his other friend.... we were kind of worried though cause we thought Elder Hanson might get rabies, but so far he is ok haha! Also this week we were at the food bank handing out food boxes and some native lady started hitting on me. At first I didn't even know what she was saying so I was smiling and then I realized what she had said and I get all red and we just walked away.... that was my first time getting hit on by a native haha! But all in all this was a good week! 

I hope everything back at home is going good and I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

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