Monday, April 13, 2015

Normal Week

This week Eli did not write me something separate for his blog, he just told me to . . . "Post bits and pieces . . . "

I had asked him several questions about a normal day and this is what he told me. 

This week was ok for us out here in Dauphin..... I guess I'm kind of bad at telling you all that goes on around these parts haha! I will try to be better! A typical day here really isn't too exciting. We have investigators, but a lot of them are not very dependable and they are horrible about keeping appointments and commitments. Lately we have been trying a lot to find some really solid people.... easier said than done but its ok! I am so grateful though for the people that we do have to work with. Lately we have done a lot of street contacting and also service. Spring time around here is big service time! Everyone lives on ranches with sheep and cattle and everything so we do a lot of service for members and less actives. The branch here is a little bit "broken." There are a couple members that don't always get a long and they aren't the best at fellow shipping or doing missionary work, but were working with them! 

As far as the comp goes. . . we are getting along great! We agree on a lot of the same things and we just get a long well haha so that has been a big blessing this transfer. It is always nice when you don't have to figure things out with a companionship but you can just focus on the work. 

As far as what I eat haha it makes me laugh that your so interested! I do eat relatively healthy.... I eat a lot of rice and spaghetti with Alfredo. I eat sandwiches and stuff like that. Not a ton of meat cause its so darn expensive! But the members feed us pretty good up here so that is really nice! I do find that maybe I eat a little bit too many sweets but I guess some things will just never change haha! 

Hope you enjoyed a little bit about his normal week.  

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