Monday, November 23, 2015

Temple Re-Dedication

Hey everyone! 

This has been a great week. We got two things of good news this week. First off Fort Frances is getting a senior couple!!! It will be so nice to have a senior couple here, they are going to be a huge help and a great support to the branch here. Second, we got transfer calls and me and Elder Ringger are both staying in Fort Frances this transfer, so no big changes this time around. It will be nice to not have to change before the holidays come. 

Other than that it snowed this week so that has been fun. We shoveled some walks and things like that. This weekend we had the Montreal Quebec Temple Re-dedication. It was great! We got to go to all three sessions to be the priesthood holders that were there and it was amazing. I felt so spiritually uplifted. It also amazed me how much the church actually felt like a temple during those three sessions. I loved it! I gained a few insights from the talks that were given. 

1. They compared the temple to a mountain, they said that usually temples are built on mountains, but the temple represents a mountain because it shows how it can be a climb for us spiritually. They talked about how sometimes it is like climbing a mountain of trial to get a temple recommend but also how when we go to the temple it requires us to rise to a new sense of commitment and spirituality. It was really good! 

2. The people you stand proxy for when you are in the temple, they love you, they appreciate you, and they will always remember you and what you did for them. They talked about how those people that we do ordinances for are present when we go through the temple for them. They also talked about how because we helped them, they will help us and can teach and be with our ancestors that need to learn and need to gain these ordinances in the spirit world. I never thought about that before, but its really a neat thought. 

3. They said when you  leave the temple the one thought you should always have is when can I go back. They also said whenever you think of the temple... SMILE :) 

It was a great experience to participate in the Re-dedication.  I loved it! 

Well I hope you all have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving! Love you all!

Love Elder Farnsworth

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