Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Caught Speeding Again!

Hey everyone! How was your week? 

This week was great, it started off pretty interesting but it has been good week! I am exhausted this week, We had two exchanges and we did a big ole event at the church. Plus our regular stuff in our area. It is amazing how a person can be so tired and what not but how when you pray for strength and energy - God will give it to you! 

So I will start off and tell you about Monday. So we had to go to Warroad to meet the assistants half way because we were exchanging with them. We were on our way, but Elder Coleman and I were running late, so I thought I would be fine and I would just go a little faster and we would get there in time. Well we were going pretty good and then of course wouldn't you know it a cop just comes out of no where. So I got pulled over. I was going 30 over and so he gave me a ticket. The worst part was he came up to the car and I was searching for the registration and insurance and of course...there is no insurance card in the car. Then he tells me that our registration is expired too. You all would be so proud of me, I didn't even get worried or anything, I just kept my cool and we had a good talk with the officer. He talked to the mission office peeps and it all worked out. I did get three tickets though -- one for speeding, one for no insurance card, and one for expired registration, so that stunk! But the good news is that two of them were not my fault so that was ok. The worst news of all is we were late...like 40 minutes late haha! 

Exchanges were good though. I went to Winnipeg with Elder Joncas and we had a good time. We taught quite a few people and got quite a bit of work done there so that was great! It is really weird being in a city compared to a little town. There were people everywhere to talk to and a lot of them had never even seen missionaries before. It was kind of fun to be in the big city for a day. 

On Wednesday night to Thursday night we had exchanges with the I-Falls elders. That was a good exchange as well. I was with Elder Ferbey in the Falls and we had a great time and did some good work there as well. I think the worst part of exchanges is not sleeping in your own bed. It tires you out haha! 

This weekend was great. We had our Meet the Mormons night were we watched the video and things at the church. Sadly we had a terrible turn out. There were 8 members there and only two nonmembers,  but I think that everyone really enjoyed the show and the nonmembers said that it was really good and informative so at least it wasn't all for nothing. 

Sunday was great! Sean and Tiffany came to church and they had their kids. Sean bore his testimony again and the two kids even bore their testimonies. It was so good to see and hear them! We were also able to teach quite a bit on Sunday and had some success so that was great! 

Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Farnsworth

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