Monday, May 2, 2016

Follow your Promptings

This week was great :) We were real blessed this week and saw quite a bit of success. We were able to find quite a few new investigators this week so that was great. We did some tracting and things like that and we also have a bunch of potentials so that is pretty exciting as well! 

I had the prompting early on in the week to go and see a former investigator named Donna. We had heard that she had just moved back in town and stuff. So we tracked her down and went to see her. It was great! We had a really good first lesson and then we went back two days later had another lesson and invited her to be baptized on June 1st.  She said yes! She is really excited for her date and we even got to teach her brother and her aunt as well, so now we have a family. It was such a great blessing. Its so important when we have a spiritual prompting to always follow it, it will pay off and we will see miracles! 

Other than that this week has been great weather wise. It has been sunny and nice, almost all the ice on the lakes have melted and the people are out walking around like crazy! We have been walking a lot the past little while and have talked to quite a few people so that has been good :) We go on walks and things with some of our recent converts and have little lessons.  I am telling you Flin Flon is a beautiful place. There is so many trees and rocks and its like living in a mountain. There are lakes and paths everywhere,  it's great. 

I hope everyone back home is doing well. It is crazy to think that its already May.  Time goes by so fast. I hope everyone has a great week and a happy Mothers Day. Love you all! 

Elder Farnsworth

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