Monday, August 18, 2014

Transfer Time

We had another good week this week. The beginning of the week was super busy and we taught a whole bunch of lessons which was great, but the end of the week was pretty slow.  We taught Elizabeth and Rhoneil this week, both of their lessons went really really well and they are both progressing. We didn’t get a chance to teach Tim this week, which is kind of dumb but oh well. We did get new info on Tim, apparently he is a crazy person, the missionaries taught him before, and I guess the branch all know who he is too. They said has been to jail, and I guess he used to worship the devil. Who knows how true all of that is, but the good thing about the gospel is that it can help you change!!! So hopefully the gospel will change Tim!

We did do a little service this week, and we met a new lady named Eileen. We helped her weed her garden, and she was super nice. We are supposed to go back to help her some more on Tuesday, and hopefully we will be able to teach her!

We did get our transfer calls this week.... (drum roll) haha. Me and Elder Brown will be staying in Melfort, but Elder Norfleet and Elder Miranda got transferred. I will be sad to see them go! Elder Miranda is going to Saskatoon and Elder Norfleet is going to Bodet Minnesota, so he has quite the travel ahead of him. To replace them we will be getting a senior couple, which we are super excited about, apparently the senior couple is mostly for fellowshipping and finding people, and we get to do all the teaching which will be great cause I need the practice!!! The only down side is that we do have to move apartments, which is horrible, cause our apartment is the nice one and now we are definitely downgrading!!! So we started today and wow what an adventure hahaha I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard, we had to move a couch with a hide a bed and the bed kept popping out and making it super difficult to move, but it was really funny!!!

Well I hope everyone at home is doing good, I can’t believe that its already time for school to start, it’s crazy that all of my friends are now leaving for college, and everyone else is leaving the MTC haha!!!! I just want everyone to know, that this Church is true, God loves each of us and cares so much about us. He will answer our prayers! I love the gospel, and I love the work!!! Love you all and thanks for all your love and support. I would love to hear from you all!!!!

Love Elder Farnsworth

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