Monday, August 4, 2014


What a week! This week has been pretty crazy! We did a ton of service this week. The beginning of last week Elder Brown and I set a goal and prayed to work on charity. We started to pray for opportunities to serve. WOW were our prayers answered! This week we moved 4 people 4 days in a row, we hauled out a basement full of concrete, we hoed a garden, and we painted a Ramada in the park! I was kind of thinking to myself that moving the 4 people was like a good way to celebrate the anniversary of us moving haha! Needless to say we definitely got the opportunity to practice charity.

Charity is such a hard thing to develop! It’s hard to always love and help people, but it’s even harder to have a good attitude while doing it! But I know that as we strive to have charity we can bless so many lives!!!

We were able to teach a few people this week too. We taught a couple of our less active and recent converts which was good, but sadly we didn’t get to teach any of our investigators. That’s ok though because this week we will teach ALL them! Today we had an appointment with a guy named Rhoneil. He is from the Philippines and his family just got to Canada. His whole family is active and they all come to church, and he has already said he wants to be baptized. Our lesson went really well and we committed him to be baptized on August 30th!!!!! Now we just have to continue to teach him and prepare him. Hopefully we will be able to teach Elizabeth this week too. She was out of town last week but should be home this week.

On Saturday my district had exchanges and I switched companions for 24 hours. I was with elder Norfleet... he’s kind of weird but I like him! We were able to get a teaching appointment and taught a couple. This couple has a really rough life. The woman has been sick for 9 years and they are both a little crazy... The guy told us how much he likes smoking weed and how God created it to make people laugh and be happy.... haha.  I guess we will have to teach him the word of wisdom next! 

Well thank you all for your love and support, I have the greatest friends and family!!!! I love you all!!!!! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

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