Monday, August 25, 2014

Challenges Make Us Stronger

Well this has been a pretty hard/crazy week.... the best way to explain the week to you is to give you a day by day review soooo.....

Monday:  Elder Brown and I had to move apartments so the senior couple could have ours, it has an elevator and Elder Atwood has arthritis in his knees so he can't go up stairs. Anyways we moved most of our stuff and that was fine, but when we moved the couch in the "new" apartment we found the carpet was soaking wet and the shower had been leaking. So there was mold on the floor, and the place stunk so bad! They fixed the leak, and then they cleaned the mold so that was good. But because it stunk so bad Elder Brown and I decided to stay in our old apartment and sleep on the floor, so that was fun haha!

Tuesday:  Was decent, we were sore from the floor, but nothing too traumatic happened haha.  We did sleep on the floor again Tuesday night though. We also taught Tim on Tuesday... Weird! I have never seen so many bibles in my whole life, I think I said 2 words because he was talking so much about all of these bibles. I don't think we will meet with him anymore, he told us he just wanted us to come over so he wasn't lonely. He said that there is nothing to learn from us. He is reading the Book of Mormon, so we will see what happens I guess!

Wednesday: We woke up and were sore again, but we finished moving the rest of our stuff to the old apartment, it was pouring rain and lots of stuff got wet but we did get everything moved. When we moved all of our stuff into the "new" apartment they were replacing the balcony door, so rain got in our apartment too which was great. Then we drove to Saskatoon to drop the other 2 missionaries off. Then we came back and a member called us and there is major drama going on in the branch. Then when we got back to the apartment we spent a good 3 hours cleaning because it was so disgusting. There was a piece of meat under the sink that was sitting there for like 3 months!!!! It was nasty!!!!! Anyway we finally went to bed at like 12 because we were cleaning.

Thursday: We woke up and noticed our fridge wasn't working.... so all of our food went bad. Then Thursday night the branch drama continued and then we got a call from one of our investigators saying she was going to kill herself so we went over there and talked with her and worked everything out. That was a pretty scary situation but she is OK now!

Friday:  The branch drama continues... but we did teach Elizabeth and Rhoneil and both of their lessons went so good! It was exactly what we needed! I think next time we visit Elizabeth we will ask her to be baptized so that will be good! The senior couple also got here Friday. they are really nice, their names are Brother and Sister Atwood, they are from McGrath Alberta and will be serving here for 6 months. Were excited to have them!

Saturday: Nothing too exciting happened Saturday. We taught a recent convert, went fishing, and taught a less active. Fishing was horrible we didn't catch anything haha!

Sunday: Was good, but the branch drama did get worse haha! We went to the Frocs for dinner and had a really good time with them, it was much needed haha!

This has definitely been a hard week, but after we thought about, we realized that it was all Satan. Things are going so well, we are teaching so many new people and we have 2 baptismal dates, and Satan is mad. I think that's why this week is so hard, he is tempting us and making things hard but he will never win!!! I don't think I have ever prayed and pondered as much as I did this week. I'm so thankful for each challenge we had because I grew so much and learned so much from it!

Well that's all for this week, I hope everyone has a good week, keep praying!!! Love you all!

Love Elder Farnsworth

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