Monday, June 15, 2015

Branding Cows

Well this has been a pretty crazy week.... crazy in a good way :)! So this week we had transfers.  So on Thursday Elder Hanson and I drove down to Winnipeg and went to transfer meeting. I was really sad to be loosing Elder Hanson, I liked him a lot and we did a lot of good things together. But change is good! So I got my new companion and drove back home on Thursday.  It was a long day of driving! I really like my new comp though, his name is Elder Bee. He is from Thatcher, Arizona, he only has 6 weeks left in his mission and then he is going home! We get along really well so far, he is a pretty funny guy and so far we have done well together. I am excited for the rest of the transfer, I think its going to be a good one. Its going to fly by, we have a whole bunch of driving and exchanges to go on in the next few weeks and we will be seeing a whole bunch of other missionaries. I am excited to see new part of the mission, it should be fun! 

So exciting story for this week. On Saturday we went out to a less active members farm and we helped brand their cows!!!! It was so crazy but it was so much fun! We got there and all the calves are in this pen and so some people are on horses and they rope the calves and then they pull them by the back legs and then there are two people that have to tackle them down and then hold them. We were the people that had to tackle them and hold them down. I felt bad for the little guys haha! One person would sit flat on their butt and be at the back of the calve holding it and the other had to like squat and knee the neck to make sure the head wouldn't move. It was super fun but it was exhausting! Some of these cows were huge and you would just have to jump on the dang thing and hold it down! Then they would give them a shot, tag them, brand them twice and worst of all chop off their nuts!!!! The poor calves!

On Sunday I was so sore haha my muscles were dying. I was like waddling around cause my hips and butt hurt from squatting on the things! It was a new experience but it was fun! I was on the ground one of the times holding the back legs and once the whole process is over you have to jump up real quick while your still holding the back leg and spin the calf so it goes the right direction. So anyways I did that and I held onto the hooves and it started kicking, and it got me right were it counts. It didn't feel so good. I had to sit down for awhile haha! 

Other than that this week has been pretty normal :) It was kind of sad we tried super hard again to get people to sacrament meeting and sadly they didn't show up again.  People and their darn agency. Oh well all we can do is try try try! I hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the first bit of summer! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

PS: Sorry for all those that have written me letters and haven't gotten a reply yet! I promise I am trying, we have just been busy!

A couple of pics for the week.

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