Monday, June 29, 2015

Drive, drive and drive some more.


This week was a pretty crazy week! Monday was a pretty normal day, but Tuesday we had to have exchanges with the assistants. They came and stayed Monday night and spent all day Tuesday with us. We had our district meeting and then we did some service for a member and the rest of the night we just went and tried to contact some people. We met a family that are now potential investigators, they are named the Johnsons, they seemed interested so hopefully this week we can meet with them. All in all that exchange was good! 

Then Wednesday morning we drove 2 hours to Brandon for an exchange. We had district meeting and then started our exchanges. It was kinda crazy. I got to go with Elder Goodrich who is actually from Riverton, and Elder Fuentes. They are actually Spanish missionaries in Brandon. Brandon is the only Spanish area in our mission so I experienced life in a Spanish missionaries shoes for a day! It was a good exchange they are both really good elders and were doing great. 

Then Thursday morning we drove another 2 hours and went on exchange with Portage. That was kind of a weird exchange. Not too much to say about it. The missionaries there definitely needed to pick it up so we helped them out and hopefully things in that area will pick up. 

Then Friday morning we went to Neepawa and did exchanges. That was a good exchange. We did some service and different things. We had a meal appointment while we were there so that was really good! 

Then Saturday morning we finally drove 2 hours more and made it back home to Dauphin! It was so weird/ hard being out of our area for so long, but it was a good week of exchanges! 

This weekend in Dauphin it was country fest and the fair so it was a pretty crazy place. Almost everyone in town was not even from dauphin so that made finding really hard. Then all of the people we would teach were all gone at the fair and country fest so it was hard to do missionary work but we tried our best! We got to watch the parade they have here... it was fun! There were so many tractors! We also got to go to the demolition derby with one of our investigators! That was super fun, I love demolition derbies haha! 

This week we get our new mission president, President Craig. It should be interesting to see the changes and things that he makes in the mission. I will miss President and Sister Thomas but it will be good to meet President Craig! 

Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! Happy 4th of July! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

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