Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Hey everyone! How was your week this week? 

Our week was pretty good. It started off a little slow, but it was a great week! So to start off last Monday we had our P-day and we had a little time in the evening so we thought we would go walking around and tract a few houses. Well we saw a guy outside so we went and talked to him. He was interesting, he was an evangelical guy and holy. All he wanted to do was bible bash with us! He told us that he feared for our souls and salvation and all this crazy stuff. We spent like a good 20 minutes talking to him and finally I just bore my testimony to him and then we left. It was an interesting experience, but it really reaffirmed my testimony. It is interesting because in life some people try to tear us down and put doubt in our minds but like President Uchtdorf said "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." Unfortunately that guys wasn't really prepared for the message of the restoration, but maybe next time! :) 

On Tuesday the Neepawa Elders came to Dauphin and we had an exchange. It was pretty good. We did some service and then we had a dinner appointment. The two elders in Neepawa are pretty good, one of them is actually from Riverton. He went to school with me. I had seen him in the halls before but didn't really know him so that's kind of interesting!

Neepawa exchange experience.

On Wednesday we got to drive up to Flin Flon and have exchanges up there. That was a lot of fun! Its about a 6 hour drive to Flin Flon so we left and while we drove up there it rained pretty hard the ENTIRE time! It was crazy. Then we exchanged with them and drove 6 hours back home on Thursday. It was a long drive. It was a good exchange though. Flin Flon is really different from the rest of the mission. It is really hilly and rocky and its got some interesting people in the town. It is pretty far up north and the farther up north you get the crazier the people get! They did have a baptism this weekend in Flin Flon though so that was great.

On the way to Flin Flon
Elder Moore and Elder Farnsworth in Flin Flon
The view of Flin Flon

On Friday we had MLC. That is always a long meeting, and our internet wasn't working for skype so it was interesting but we figured it all out and it turned out ok.

Supply Box Explosion with all the traveling.

Now for the best news of all....... on Sunday Elder Wilson and I both had to give talks, we spoke on Elder Hales talk from the last general conference.  We had 3 non members at church, two of them were investigators and 1 is a potential. We also had 5 less actives there! It was so good to see them all there, it made me so happy! One of the investigators is a pastor and he brought his friend and they both really loved the whole church meeting, they even stayed for Sunday School and they enjoyed it! I know they felt the spirit there and I really hope that when we follow up with them they will be a little more serious and interested in our message. 

Sad news of the week.... our baptismal date with Debbie, we had to drop her date a couple weeks ago and now she doesn't want to even meet with us anymore. Her husband came back and he told us that she didn't want to see us. I think he made the decision not her. That was pretty sad but all we can do is try!

Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you all and miss you all! I would love to hear from you all. 

Love Elder Farnsworth

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