Monday, August 24, 2015

Tattooing Sheep

HEY this week! 

How was everyone's week? Its hard to believe that another week has come and gone. This week flew by for us. The start of this week we were out of our area quite a bit. On Monday we traveled in to Neepawa for P-day, then that night we drove to Portage La Prairie and started our exchange with the missionaries there. It was a pretty good exchange. I was with Elder Griffith. He has been out a while and is about to go home. We had a good exchange though. We were walking around on a Portage street contacting and there was this super drunk native guy laying in the stairs of a building and he started talking a little bit to us. He was interesting. He was got drunk off of mouth wash. I didn't realize people really did that until I came to Canada -- fun fact haha! 

On Tuesday night we drove to Brandon and started our exchange with Brandon on Wednesday. We had another good exchange there. I was with Elder Peterson and Elder Bingham. They are both great missionaries! I really like Brandon. It is a descent sized city and the people there are all pretty nice. Thursday we left Brandon, drove back to Neepawa had our district meeting, and then continued on to Dauphin. It was a tiring first part of the week, but we survived and had some really good experiences.

On Friday we went out and helped on a ranch.  Crazy story of the week. We were out there and we went out to the barn cause we were tattooing sheep. We opened the door and this one sheep started going crazy! Anyways the guy we were with walked away for a few minutes to go get some more things and I was watching the sheep. She was breathing really weird and I told Elder Wilson that I thought something was wrong. Then the guy came back and I told him that something was wrong with his sheep so he went over to her cause she was laying on the ground. He nudged her and she didn't do anything. The sheep DIED. I watched it take its last breath and die. It was kind of sad, and the worst part was that its poor little lamb was right there. SAD! 

But on a different note :) We had a good weekend we taught some lessons and got some less actives to church so that was good! We almost have this one less active lady reactivated, she has come really regularly to church and is doing really good! 

Anyways I hope you all have a great week this week! Love you all! 


Love Elder Farnsworth

Elders Bingham and Peterson

When you run out of money and wonder what you are going to eat for a week, the good people of Dauphin deliver tons of food.  BLESSINGS A PLENTY!

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