Monday, August 3, 2015

Ukrainian Festival

Hello everyone,

This week was alright for us, nothing really too exciting happened. This week they had the Ukrainian festival in Dauphin. It is a really big deal here lots of people come and there is dancing and parades and all sorts of things going on. We got to go to a couple of things so that was fun.

On Tuesday we traveled into Neepawa and had a district meeting and then we drove back and went to a farm and did some service. On Wednesday we went and did some service and Thursday was a good day, we taught a few less active members and had some good lessons. Finding new people was pretty difficult this week. Everyone we talked to was out of town and everyone we stopped by was at the Ukrainian festival so that was hard. but hopefully this week will be better. 

So we all know how the Farnsworth children have "tummy troubles".... well I think I found out what gives me tummy trouble.... BANANAS! They kill me haha! The past few weeks my stomach has been pretty upset and every time I eat a banana it gets worse so I won't be having those anymore haha! Last night my comp ate something weird so he was throwing up and I had some banana cream pie.... so it was a rough night haha but we survived and were doing good today :) 

This week should be good, we are supposed to go 6 hours north and visit the missionaries in Flin Flon so that should be fun. I am excited to go see the north country! 

Well I hope you have a great week! Love you all.

Love Elder Farnsworth

The Dauphin Beaver with Eli

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