Monday, October 26, 2015

Life in Fort Francis

Hello everyone,

Everything here is going ok. We are really just trying to figure out what to do to get things in the area moving forward. We have tried a few things but this week and the rest of this transfer we are going to try and be really creative to find new people and increase our teaching pool. It's a hard town cause there are lots of old people that are stuck in their ways so we have to be creative to peak their interest haha! I guess it's just another new experience to help us get out of our comfort zone and mix things up! 

This week we got to teach a Sunday school lesson on Gerald Causse's conference talk from last April conference. It is about if the gospel is still wonderful to you. I loved this talk and this lesson! We really need to make sure that the gospel is always wonderful to us. We can't let it just become common in our lives and the things that we do. It needs to stick out. We need to be having spiritual experiences always and constantly learning and understanding new things about the gospel. We will never fully understand it. There is always something new to grasp and learn! I love the gospel.  It is something that we have to continue to learn about. It is something that will helps us to continually improve and come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ! Keep studying the gospel and keep finding new ways to make it wonderful to you! 

Love you all!

Elder Farnsworth

Bro Batang and Elder Baumann

 Bro Batang and Family

 Eli by the River in Fort Francis

 Fort Francis River during the day

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