Monday, November 2, 2015

Exchange Week

Well this was a great week! 

On Tuesday we got to drive up to Kenora and do exchanges with the missionaries up there. We had a really good time with them. Kenora is a beautiful place, it is northern Ontario so there are tons of trees and mountains and lakes and its really nice! It was kind of funny, I was on exchanges with a missionary named Elder Hirschi. He has only been out about 3 weeks. Anyways he and I went street contacting and tracting. It rained on us the whole entire time haha! It was fun though, we found some really good people and definitely had some good experiences! 

On Thursday we drove from Kenora to Winnipeg for a MLC, we drove like 2 and a half hours to get there and then we had a GREAT MLC. It was 6 hours long.... so that part kinda stunk but it was great we learned so much! We had two men there from the missionary department in Salt Lake and they taught us a lot of great things. We talked a lot about the proper way to plan and how extremely important it is as missionaries to plan and prepare for our days and weeks. But he explained how important a skill that was for our whole lives, it was really good. We also talked a lot about baptism and the whole gospel of Jesus Christ. It was great what they taught us. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the plain and precious truth that each one of us need. That is why the Book of Mormon is so important. It teaches us those plain and precious truths. We talked about how each step in the gospel of Jesus Christ is helping to prepare us for the next step, and eventually the whole gospel prepares us to live with god in a fullness of joy! 

We also talked about how throughout each of the missionary discussions our main message is centered on how the heavens are open and how we can receive personal revelation for ourselves to know that these things are true! It was a great MLC! 

After the MLC we drove 4 hours home... lots of sitting and driving the first part of this week. Then on Friday we had the assistants come and do exchanges, I was with Elder Joncas. We had a great day! We went out and walked around a ton! We talked to a lot of people and found quite a few potential investigators so that was great! 

Halloween was pretty dumb... we had to be in by 6 and then we were supposed to clean our apartments.  Ours was pretty clean haha but we also had to take KS so really nothing exciting there. 

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all.  Don't forget the gospel is true and it will bless our lives as we continue to faithfully live it! 

Love Elder Farnsworth

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