Monday, January 25, 2016

Baptismal Dates!

This week was great... much better than last week! 

On Monday we were able to stop by and visit a guy named Bryan. He let us in and we were able to teach him the first discussion, it went really good! He had some great concerns and questions and we were able to really have the spirit there. We are supposed to meet with him tonight so hopefully we can have another good lesson with him. On Wednesday we had a big missionary broadcast meeting for all the missionaries in the world. It was a great meeting! It was all about the fundamentals of preach my gospel and how we need to be implementing and using those concepts more as missionaries. We heard from Elder Andersen, Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar and a few other general authorities. It was great! One thing I really liked that Elder Bednar said was that we are the Holy Ghost's instrument. We are God's tool. He is not our tool. The Holy Ghost is not our tool. We need to be worthy so that it can use us to help others. This work is not about us, we are here to only be the instrument and assist God in his work! It was great to have our whole zone together as well. We were able to have a great discussion after the broadcast as a zone and it was very insightful! 

This week we were also able to set 3 new baptismal dates!!!! What a miracle! We met with Sean and Tiffany and had a great lesson with them. We invited them to be baptized on February the 20th and they both said yes!!! It will be a difficult road for them. They need to get married and they have a few word of wisdom problems, but we know that they can do it! If you could all pray for them that would be great!!! We are still expecting a miracle with those two... it will be a challenge for them but it will bless them so much! We also got to teach one of our investigators name Matt, and we set a date with him as well for February the 20th. That will be a big day!!! It was a great week though. I am so thankful for these people and for the opportunity to teach them. It is such a great experience challenging someone to be baptized and helping them understand why its such a necessary thing. 

This morning before studies I was reading the Teachings of the Presidents book for this year. It is the Howard W. Hunter book. I was reading the first chapter and I really want to share some of the insights that I was able to gain. He talks a lot about how we need to have faith, and how faith can help us get through the struggles in our lives and help us get rid of our worries and fears. He talks about how we need to emphasize the blessings in our lives. We have to look at the good and at the progress we made, and we have to minimize the disappointments and the worries that we have. It is normal to worry and be fearful, but we can't let those things control us. We have to look forward into the future with faith with optimism and hope. If we were to look at all the things that could go wrong and dwell on that, we would never get anywhere! President Hunter talks about how we have to embrace life joyfully. When we go through trials and tribulations, when our patience is being tested, we need to keep a good attitude and just have faith in the Lord. He has a plan for us and he will make sure that we succeed. We have to go through tests and trials and hard things because they help us to grow. 

There is a quote that I really love. "God has the power, but its our test." God could deliver us and help us but we have to go through the test so that we can learn and progress. President Hunter also says, that when our lives our centered on Jesus Christ, when our faith is in Him and we are living the way that we should, nothing can go permanently wrong. We just have to keep trying, keep enduring. 

That is my challenge to you all this week, keep enduring. But not in a bad way, keep a good attitude, be joyous, be happy, have faith, be optimistic, don't worry, God knows what he is doing and he is shaping you into exactly who you need to be. 

I love you all. I am thankful for each of you and for all your support. Have a great week!!! 
-D&C 123:17
-D&C 6: 34-37
-D&C 90:24

Love Elder Farnsworth 

 Selfie in the snow!

 Posing so we could see the ice.

Walking across the frozen lake.

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