Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cold and Slow this Week


The weather up here has been FREEZING! you go outside for like 5 minutes and holly molly your just frozen haha. I do have to say I have learned to tolerate it much better this year than last year. I feel like my body can just get used to the cold and it just deals with it. My feet and fingers especially have become climatized haha. They are just always cold but after so long you are just used to it! It's kinda funny too cause our apartment has tile floors and those things are COLD haha, but at least its a place to live and it does keep us warm for the most part! 

Well I don't really know what else to say this week. It has really been a boring week for us as well. We tried really hard this week. We tracted in the cold and walked around quite a bit, but nothing really happened. We did try and teach a bunch of lessons this week but most of them fell through, it was just one of those weeks. I hope that things will pick up this week. We only had 9 at sacrament meeting this past Sunday and I think a lot of it all has to do with the cold and stuff. All you can do is just keep on trying. You have to experience the bad to experience the good. I think that is something I have gained from my mission, you always have to keep a positive attitude. When you are negative and discouraged, you have to think of ways to improve and make the situation better. We are in that process now! We are going to start working towards another big activity here. It is  going to be a Meet the Mormons open house. We will be giving church tours and watching the movie Meet the Mormons. I  think it will be a great activity!!! 

Hope every one has a greet week.

Love Elder Farnsworth

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