Monday, July 27, 2015

Choose to Believe

Hey everyone! How was your week? 

This was a great week here in Dauphin! We had transfers this week and Elder Bee went home :( .  I will miss him, he was a great missionary and I had a ton of fun with him. I think that is one of the biggest things I learned from Elder Bee.... missionary work can and should be fun! I really look up to him, he was great! 

I got my new companion this week on Thursday evening. His name is Elder Wilson. He is from Salt Lake City and he has been out for 9 months now. He is a good person. I am excited to serve with him, He is really patient and calm so that should be something good that i can learn from him :) 
I really think we will have a good transfer here in Dauphin. 

So this week we got one new investigator. Her name is Alisa. Her mom is Pam who is another investigator of ours. She is really nice but interesting. She is super into the bible and kind of just wants to bible bash so we are going to meet with here again and see what happens. Hopefully she will decide to be sincere and be able to feel the spirit and know what we are teaching is true. Then she might show some good promise. Other than that we had to drop our baptismal date because she hasn't come to church and we were not able to meet with her this week. Kind of a bummer, but hopefully we can get her back on track.

This week we helped a guy put in a new kitchen. An Ikea kitchen. It reminded me of when we did that! Also this week we had some weird random guy come up to us and start asking us all about dinosaurs and weird things. Some people say the weirdest things haha! 

Well I hope you all have a great week! 

We had a lesson in church yesterday based on the talk from conference Choose To Believe. It was really good! I encourage you all to read that talk! Remember that everything is a choice. We choose to be happy, or we choose to be sad, but most importantly we choose whether or not we want to follow Jesus Christ and live his gospel. What an important decision that is! I know that choosing to follow Christ will brighten your life and help you with all challenges that you have. God and Jesus Christ love you and as you follow them I promise you will be happy! 

Have a great week! LOVE YOU ALL!

Love Elder Farnsworth

The year "Burning of the Shirt and Tie"

Farewell Elder Bee

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