Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Native Traditions

Hey everyone, how’s it going? This has been a great week for us here in Flin Flon.  This week we were able to have some great experiences and even see some amazing miracles!

This week we went with one of our recent converts and she took us to show us some of the native culture type stuff that they do. So we got to go with her and we met with one of the native elder and we had a really good discussion with her. She told us a bunch about the native beliefs and ways, and we in return were able to share with her a lot of our beliefs and practices. It was crazy how similar some of the beliefs were. We were also able to smudge with them. So what they do is they burn different herbs. So we had sage and lavender and some sweet grass and they light it on fire and then they blow it out and it smokes. Then you take the smoke and you like waft it towards you and it helps to get rid of negativity and just helps you to like purify yourself. It was really interesting! It was definitely a neat experience! 

On Tuesday another one of the recent converts hooped danced for us. That was kind of weird but it’s another one of the native traditions that they do.  Native traditions are seriously so interesting. Definitely a different culture! 

The best part of the week is that we had a baptism! We were teaching this man named Joseph Lambert and he decided to be baptized. It was a great day for him! I am so happy for him and his decision, it was great. He came up out of the water and he just started shouting hallelujah. He was so happy and you could tell it just shined on his face! Sunday he was confirmed and ordained to the Aaronic priesthood, it was a great weekend :) 

This week has really been great, I have felt so many of the prayers that are being said in our behalf and I know without a doubt that God is there and that he will help us. I have seen that and felt that this week. My companion is doing so much better, and the working is really moving along here in Flin Flon. I love my mission so much. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve!!! I am also so thankful for all the prayers that are said and all the support I receive! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Farnsworth

Elder Farnsworth asked me to include this link this week.  It is the Easter initiative video.

Joseph Lambert baptism

The Church in Flin Flon

 Elder Blommaert and Shiann a recent convert

 Elder Davies leaving on the Greyhound for his New York Mission

 Elders Morrill, Blommaert, Davies and Farnsworth - the original four

 Housing in Flin Flon

 Elder Miyashiro who Elder Farnsworth is training

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