Monday, March 14, 2016


Hello everyone! How was everybody’s week this week?

Our week went ok this week. One of the best things about the week is how warm it got :). It was warm enough that the snow is melting... hooray haha! There is a lot of water and puddles, and there is dirt everywhere from the snow and the plows and everything but spring time is in the air!

I did get my new companion this week. He is from southern Alberta, his name is Elder Miyashiro. He is a visa waiter and will be going to the California Modesto mission once his visa comes in. Training is really a different experience. I really do like it but it’s not exactly what I expected. It’s crazy starting to teach someone from scratch how to be a missionary, but it’s been good and it has also been a good reminder to me on how I can be a better missionary so it’s great!  My comp is struggling a little bit with a few things and has been thinking about going home so please keep him in your prayers. He is questioning if this is really were he should be. It is for sure where he needs to be but just pray for him!!!! It will all work out! 

We were able to do quite a bit of teaching this week. We split the area and so we have some new people to work with and we lost some of the old people we were working with to the other Elders. We are no longer teaching Regan but she is doing good still. We set a baptismal date with a man named Joseph. He will be baptized this Saturday!!!!  It’s going to be great. We will also need some prayers for that to make sure everything goes smoothly. I am so excited for him though he is great! We also had a branch activity on Friday night which was great! It was a dominos night. We had Dominos pizza and of course played dominos. It was fun and there was a great turn out, I think half the people there were investigators or recent converts so that was a huge success! 

This Sunday I gave a talk in church and the topic I picked was facing the future with faith and hope. Just a few thoughts.... sometimes the future is scary and looks dark and dreary. Sometimes life just isn’t fun and it’s a little miserable. You look at the world and see all the horrible things going on and it can be depressing, but in reality it does not need to be. If we have faith in Jesus Christ, if we obey the commandments and we do what we are supposed to do, the future is bright! We have hope in eternal life. We have hope for good things in the future for blessings and for miracles. When we are sad and getting down because the way life is sometimes we need to remember that it will all work out. There’s a quote by President Hinckley that I really love. "If you do your best, it will all work out. Put your trust in God.  The Lord will not forsake us." It’s true, he will never forsake us!!!! I would invite you all to read Neil f Marriott’s talk called yielding our hearts to God. That is a good one :)

Well I love you all. Thanks for all your love and support. Have a great week!!!! 

Elder Farnsworth

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